our team

What makes us a good design and development partner?

Our team.

We are a collective of senior designers and developers, all of whom have significant experience in our area of interest. We are established professionals that understand the importance of collaboration, calculated risk taking and relationship building. We bring together the skills and knowledge to create beautiful and high calibre designs in a timely and cost-effective fashion. These shared experiences and our professionalism we bring to every project, benefits the project, and we benefit in turn by developing further experiences which we can take to our next project.

  • Marc Behiels

    Marc Behiels
    Creative Director

    Marc brings to webkitchen 20+ years of experience in corporate branding, marketing and communications, product marketing, and packaging design. Web site development is where Marc brings all the above experiences into one targeted interactive communication tool. Marc is a scheduling fanatic, master of project management, and takes joy in helping clients work from idea conception through to final implementation.

  • Dave Kisly

    Technical Director

    Bridging technical, managerial and academic interests, Dave's been developing web sites and database apps for libraries, resource centers and other non-profit organizations dating back to 1995. Dave's focus is the architecture / back-end that helps us (and clients) structure, aggregate, re-purpose and find relationships between information sources.